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2021 GOBA HYPE Awards

GC Contracting, LLC

Awarded for: Masonry / Stucco / Concrete / Coating



A strong foundation is an integral part and one of the first steps of our construction process. We build concrete slab foundations for a variety of residential projects ranging from single-family to multi-family, sidewalks / walkways and more for builders all over the state of Florida.



We employ over 500 sub-contractors to turn around production as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our masonry sub-contractors provide a key service in our construction process here in Florida. We handle everything from single-family to multi-family and other projects as well.



Our Framing sub-contractors bring our projects to life, from blue-prints to reality. As a shell-construction company framing is typically one of our final steps our construction process. We facilitate this process from the foundation through final frame inspection.

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